Examination Policy

Examination Policy

Entry Requirement
A registered student of the institute who has paid his current annual registration fee and the required examination fee is eligible to entry to the examinations of the period in June or December every year.

Normally the examinations are held in the second week of June and December each year.

Deadlines And Important Dates
The following closing dates for application for registration, exemption and entry for examinations must be observed.

No person is enrolled for the examination unless he has obtained the registration as a student of this Institute and has cleared all the dues. A member of an accountancy body recognized by the ICPAP, who intends to apply for CPA membership, is also obliged to obtain ICPAP’s registration.

The candidates are eligible to appear in any paper only for three (3) attempts. In case any candidate fails to qualify any paper in three (3) attempts shall be required to re-sit in whole module.

All modules examination contains 100% compulsory questions to encourage candidates to study the complete contents of each course. The papers contained in each module are based on three (3) hours written paper containing 90% of the total assessment while 10% of the marks are given on the basis of assignment/dissertation.

Additional fifteen (15) minutes reading & planning time is given to each candidate in addition to three (3) hours examination. Students, claiming exemption in any paper must have obtained the approval in this respect at least one month prior to closing date for acceptance of admissions to the examination.

The CPA examinations are scheduled twice a year i.e. in June and December Examination has to be passed in the prescribed manner and within three years from the date of registration of the candidate.

A student may attempt two modules examinations in the specified order, but he will not be allowed to attempt a professional or specialization module examination simultaneously until he has been granted exemption or has passed all the papers of first four modules.

The Council reserves the right to improve the examination’s regulations & scheme, revise schedule or even increase or decrease the centers etc. All such amendments are duly communicated to the examinees well in advance through different modes. Fundamental revisions (if any) in the standard and format of question papers is notified in advance with the assent of the Council.

A student is expected to have detailed knowledge of approved accounting & auditing standards, generally expected auditing exposure drafts and regulations as well as legislation relating to financial accounting, auditing and reporting etc.

Syllabus of papers comprising the laws, accounting and auditing standards which have been legislated/approved six months earlier to the examination, is included in the course for examination purpose.

Applications for enrollment of examination are made in the form prescribed by this Institute. Separate forms are submitted for each examination. Enrollment forms can be obtained from the Institute’s offices or down loaded from the ICPAP website.

Enrollment Forms are submitted to the Institute on or before the crucial date announced for this purpose, which should be accompanied by:

  • Pay order of the examination fee of all papers/courses.
  • A certificate in the form prescribed by the Institute confirming that the student is a fit and a suitable person for admission to the examination.

A Candidate has to specify the centre of his choice for taking the examination.

The tentative program of the examination is published in the News Letter of this Institute, or conveyed through website of Institute.  Admission Certificates containing of the schedule of papers, time/duration, and venue of examination are issued to all the students at least three weeks earlier to its commencement of the examination except to the late examiners.

On issuance of Admission Certificates, the examinees are advised to authenticate their particulars entered there in, courses/papers, schedule & clash of papers (if any) and center of examination. Inaccuracy be reported immediately to the Institute.

The examinees are obliged to present their National Identity Cards, Registration Certificates and Admission Certificates/ Roll No Slips before appearance in paper.

Compliance of Examination Supervisor’s instructions is mandatory for the examinees. Any breach of these Instructions shall cause disciplinary proceedings leading to punitive action including suspension or termination of registration or exclusion from future examination(s).

ICPAP reserves the right to examine anything contained within the study guide at any examination session. This includes knowledge, techniques, principles, theories and concepts as specified.

No text book, printed or written material, notes, statute/regulation/ordinance, mobile phone, any electronic device or any other article which can be helpful in the examination, is permitted. However, use of calculator can be allowed by the Supervisor.

All type of communications, consultations, discussions and provision /receipt of assistance from other examinees are strictly prohibited.

After attempting the papers, the transcripts must be handed over to the Supervisor or Invigilator (as the case may be), before leaving the examination hall. No student is permitted to leave the examination center before depositing the transcripts with the staff deputed for this purpose.

The Examination Committee
  • The Vice President of the ICPAP (or his/her nominee), who shall act as Chairman of the Board of Examiners.
  •  At least One Member of Executive Council.
  • All Examiners of the Test, including all External Examiners.
  • The Examination Committee shall be considered quorate if the Chairman, any Executive council Member and at least one External Examiner are present.

Powers And Duties Of The Examination Committee
  • Recommend for approval by the ICPAP executive council, syllabuses for the subject areas of the test.
  • Recommend for approval by the ICPAP Executive Committee the structure and format of the written examination papers.
  • Review guidance issued to candidates for the Test as to study materials and methods of preparation.
  • Recommend for approval by the ICPAP executive council rules for and instructions to candidates relating to the conduct of the Test.
  • Recommend for approval by the Regulatory Committee regulations for the assessment of candidates for the Test.
  • Recommend for approval by the ICPAP executive Council review and appeal procedures and such counseling services (if any) as may be provided for the candidates failing the Test.
  • Approve examination dates for the Test.
  • Approve all written examination papers and oral assessments.
  • Approved all necessary physical and other arrangements for the conduct of the Test.
  • Supervise all arrangements for the setting, marking and moderation of examination papers and assessments.
  • Consider results of the Test and determine which candidates have passed or failed the Test.
  • The exam committee may in its sole discretion amend any exam policy with the approval of the Council.
  • In case of Special exam, or CBS exam, the passing marks shall be 60%.
  • No review, appeal or re-marking will be allowed on computer based online examination.

Students’ performance in the paper is based on the scores achieved in assessment of the transcripts of the papers/ examination.

The passing standard is 50% marks in each paper. A candidate is advised of his performance in each paper/module classified as Pass or Fail.

A candidate who has obtained less than 50% aggregate marks for all papers constituting a module shall be barred from taking the examination of the next module.

A candidate who obtains 80% or more marks is awarded with Distinction Certificate by this Institute.

The decision of Examination Committee with regard to the result of a candidate is final and no communication or request of the candidate or any other person in this respect is entertained.

The result of each examination is notified within four to six weeks. So, no correspondence in this respect is attended to.

The Examination Committee reserves the right to withhold publication of the result(s) of the student(s) suspected of involving in any misconduct case, pending inquiry into the alleged action. The Examination Committee may constitute an Inquiry Committee for this purpose and approve cancellation of paper of such candidate found guilty.

The Qualified students are advised of their result and also bestowed with certificates.

ICPAP Procedure For Rechecking Of The Examinations Papers
Following is the procedure for rechecking of the examinations papers as set by the ICPAP.

Any aggrieved student may apply to the examination department for rechecking of his examination scripts of one or more subjects.

Time Period
Application has to be submitted within 20 days of declaration of result. Applications received after the said period shall not be entertained.

Rechecking fee as per given in the Form can be submitted in the shape of Demand Draft/Pay Order made in favor of Instituted of Certified Public Accountants along with the application form.

Application Form
Candidate must submit the application for rechecking on the prescribed form. (Download Form).

Candidate will be notified regarding any change in the status of the result within a month.
ICPAP does not provide any counseling services therefore, the examination copies will not be shown to them.

In rechecking procedure, one internal and one external examiner will be involved under the supervision of Controller of Examinations or Secretary. The decision of the ICPAP shall be final and not challengeable at any forum.

NOTE: All the applications must be sent to examination@icpap.com.pk If he/ she would sent the emails on the other addresses regardless the prescribed email would not be entertained. Fee can only be paid through DD/Pay Order or through bank Transfer in the name of Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP). Cash or transfer to any staff member/Associate/Coordinator on behalf of ICPAP shall not be entertained.

Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP).