Guidelines for Overseas chapter of ICPAP
A chapter of ICPAP may be formed in Pakistan or in any foreign country where there are members having their official /professional addresses registered in that country. The Executive Council of ICPAP, at the request of the local members, may grant permission to form a local chapter of the institute.

Status of Overseas Chapter
  • The chapter of institute may be formed in accordance with the local laws of lands/ permission by the local government if necessary.
  • A chapter of the members of the institute shall not represent itself as a constituent of the institute. The decisions and actions of the chapter are not binding on the institute unless specific approval is granted by the council.

Duties and Functions of Chapter
  • To explore job opportunities and placement opportunities for the members of the institute in UAE or any other part in the world.
  • To support/facilitate/organize/conduct CPD programmes.
  • To provide facilities for interaction among members by arranging regular meetings for the acquisition and dissemination of useful information. Necessary technical inputs/background material could be provided by the Institute.
  • To act as a guardian of the interests of the Institute.
  • To act as a bridge between the ICPAP members and the Institute and to assist members and the Institute in performing their respective roles for the benefit of the profession.
  • Make representation to the Council on matters of professional interest and to offer suggestions for raising the standard and status of the profession.
  • Have liaison with the accountancy bodies of that country for helping the members in enrolling themselves as members of the Accounting Institute. However, prior to such liaison the Chapters shall take necessary approval of the Institute for such liaison and initiatives.
  • Exchange views on professional matters with the members of other Accounting Institute of UAE.
  • Assist ICPAP in locating suitable venues for the examination centers.
  • Carry out such other functions as may be entrusted by the Institute, from time to time.

Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities
The Chairman shall be head of the Chapter. He shall,
  • Strictly act in accordance with the guidelines of the institute.
  • Liaison with the Chairman/Executive Council of the institute.
  • Recommend exemptions for all UAE based prospective students in accordance with the exemption policy of the institute.
  • Collaborate with any international or local institution seeking exemptions for members of the institute.
  • Collaborate with local and multinational companies for placement of institute’s members.
  • Seek approval from any ministry/government authority/department for smooth running of ICPAP’s operations.
  • Solve problems face by ICPAP’s members in consultation with other members of committee.
  • Make committees to resolve issues faced by the members of the institute i.e. disciplinary committee, finance committee, education committee etc.
  • Ensure proper conduction and transparency of examination in UAE.
  • Facilitation for formation and quality, performance of CPA audit firms and work for quality framework.
  • Report to the head office for any violation of fiduciary responsibilities of CPA members.
  • Arrange seminars/meetings/workshops/presentations etc., with the consent of the Executive Council of the institute.
  • Help prepare agendas
  • Guide conduct of meetings
  • Build unity among the members for the purpose of the institute
  • Ensure sufficient consideration of issues
  • Ensure decisions are carried out in the meeting.
  • Delegate tasks to other members of the committee

Vice Chairman
The vice Chairman shall assume the role and responsibilities of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman.

Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities
General Secretary
  • The ICPAP’s chapter secretary is responsible for taking and circulating minutes, preparing agendas for meetings, organizing paperwork and correspondence, distributing information to members, and keeping members up-to-date about dates for other meetings and events.
  • The secretary shall:
  • Prepare an agenda in consultation with the Chairman
  • Arrange and book a suitable venue for the meeting and guest speaker if necessary
  • Send notice of the meeting and agenda to all committee members so that they will receive them at least a week before the meeting is arranged. These should always be sent out even if they are held at the same time and place each week or month
  • Keep a complete, approved and signed up to date set of minutes
  • Attend to all incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Maintain web portal of Chapter.
  • Maintain minutes and records in an accurate filing system
  • Keep diary of forthcoming events
  • Keep record of everyone attending the meeting or collect their names in an attendance book
  • Record apologies of absence
  • Ensure a quorum is present before any business is done
  • At meeting – read minutes of previous meeting (unless already sent out) and obtain the Chairman’s signature for the official copy.
  • At meeting – read out all correspondence received and report any action taken since last meeting, and
  • Ensure Chairman is supplied with all necessary papers and information relevant to the meeting.
  • To do all acts and deeds as desired by the Chairman.
  • Recommend disciplinary action against any member.

Joint Secretary
The Joint Secretary shall assume the role and responsibilities of the secretary in the absence of the General Secretary.

Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities
The Committee Members
The committee members shall:
  • Attend meetings punctually
  • Arrive prepared with agenda and relevant papers
  • Stick to the agenda
  • Work as a team
  • Support and encourage quieter members
  • Discourage domination by one or few
  • Take action on tasks identified from the previous minute
  • Vote on issues
  • Assist with projects, fund raising etc.
  • Aim towards constructive discussion and decisions
  • Stick to the decisions of the group
  • Encourage membership
  • Assist the Chairman/General Secretary.
  • Work for promotion and development of the institute.

Finance Secretary
The Finance Secretary shall look after the chapter’s income and expenditure by keeping the finances up to date, keeping track of receipts and bank statements and compiling financial reports detailing income and expenditure. The Finance Secretary shall be responsible for budgeting for the chapter and preparing annual financial accounts that must be checked by an independent person.

The Finance Secretary shall:
  • Operate clear and accurate book
  • Keeping system and be able to handle figures
  • Be responsible for proper handling of the finance of the chapter, but not the actual raising of money.

Before the meeting:
  • Prepare a financial report before each meeting
  • Check members have paid their subscription (if applicable)
  • Ensure all approved bills are paid at the meeting: 
  • Present a report of money paid into the account
  • Bring all account books
  • To the meeting so that he or she can answer any questions
  • Advise the group on the amount of money available for the groups work and highlight 
  • Any possibility of excess spending
  • Collect any subscription (if appropriate)

  • The office bearers of the Chapter shall be elected for three years. Fresh Elections shall be held 15 days prior to expiry of chapter’s office bearers.
  • In case election are not held due to elections are not held due to any reason the sitting office bearers shall continue to function.
  • Only fellow members of the institute shall be eligible to contest and vote at the election.
  • Any member guilty of any misconduct shall not be eligible to either contest or vote at the election.
  • The Executive Committee of the Institute is authorized to remove any office bearer (s) of the Chapter if it is brought to the notice of the institute that the office bearer (s) has /have persistently made default in adhering to the guidelines formulated by the council in respect of functioning of the chapter abroad.

  • The Chairman with the consensus of a majority of the members of the chapter may call a meeting of the local chapter, as and when required otherwise, to adopt the annual report of the Chapter and to transact any other business. He shall approve the expenses and or seek donation on behalf of the institute. 
  • The purpose of the meeting shall be the presentation and review of the annual report of the Chapter and to transact any other business with the permission of the Chairman.
  • The decisions at the meetings shall be made with a simple majority of the members of the chapter.
  • The quorum for any meeting shall be three (3) attending in person. In the absence of a quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned, and reconvened in the manner decided by a majority of the members.
  • The secretary shall keep proper record of the minutes of the meetings of chapter and shall forward the same to the Head office of the institute directly.

Holding of Events of the Chapter
  • The Committee shall coordinate with the General Secretary while planning and scheduling any activity for the members and associates of the Chapter.
  • The events of the Chapter shall be planned in a professional manner and in the form and style that correspond to the stature of the Institute.
  • The Committee shall make all efforts to organize the events in way that representations of the Institute, if considered appropriate by the Institute, would be possible.

Dissolution of the Chapter
  • The Chapter can be dissolved if a majority of the 3/4th of the members borne on the rolls of the Chapter by making a request to that effect to the Executive Committee of the ICPAP Council.
  • Such a request shall be considered by the Executive Committee which shall take necessary action as deemed necessary.
  • The Chapter can also be dissolved at the discretion of the Executive Committee after giving an opportunity to the Chapter of being represented.
  • The Chapter can also be dissolved, if the NOC granted by the local Government is withdrawn or local laws do not permit continuance of the Chapter.
  • The Executive Committee shall be authorized to remove office bearer(s) of a Chapter if it is in notice of the Institute that the office bearer(s) has/have persistently made default in adhering to the guidelines formulated by the Council in respect of functioning of Chapters abroad.