ICPAP proudly announce that on demand of the members and students of United Arab Emirates, a separate chapter of ICPAP is established under the authority of Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman being its President.

ICPAP UAE Chapter will strictly work under the rules and regulations as set by the Executive Council of ICPAP.

ICPAP UAE Chapter will be responsible for dealing with the matters of Members and Students in UAE. Moreover, it will safeguard their interests and that of ICPAP

Names and Designations of ICPAP UAE Chapter officials.

Sr # Executive Committee Titles Name of Elected FCPA Email Contact No
1 President Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman, FCPA presidentuae@icpap.com.pk 00971-551-938-111
2 Vice President Mr. Naved Anwar, FCPA vpresidentuae@icpap.com.pk
3 General Secretary Mr. Syed Asif Raza, FCPA gsecretaryuae@icpap.com.pk 00971-5561-895-25
4 Joint Secretary Mr. Waqar Haider, FCPA jsecretaryuae@icpap.com.pk 00971-55-526-1166
5 Finance Secretary Mr. Mujtaba Naseem, FCPA financesecretaryuae@icpap.com.pk 0092-310-000-9296
6 Chairman Education & Examination Committee Mr. Jawad Akhtar, FCPA educationuae@icpap.com.pk
7 Chairman Exemptions Committee Mr. Samir Ahmed Shahid, FCPA exemptionuae@icpap.com.pk
8 Media Coordinator & Information Technology Committee Abdullah Janjua ituae@icpap.com.pk 00971-5533-5472-4
9 Head of Media Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaq media@icpap.com.pk 00971-56-216-0940
10 Job Placement Coordinator Mr. Faraz Ahmad Siddiqui jpcoordinator@icpap.com.pk 00971-558-585-842
11 Finance Coordinator Syed Abbas Hussain Rizvi (ACPA) Financecrd@icpap.com.pk 00971-501-718-758