New Syllabus - 2022-2023

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1Complete CPA Syllabus 2022-2023
# Course Code Course Name
1 F-101 Business English and Communication
2 F-102 Economic Analysis and Business Environment
3 F-103 Quantitative Methods and Techniques
# Course Code Course Name
4 K-201 Financial Accounting
5 K-202 Cost and Management Accounting
6 K-203 Financial Management
# Course Code Course Name
7 E-301 Audit and Assurance
8 E-302 IT Management, Audit & Control
9 E-303 Mercantile Law
# Course Code Course Name
10 S-401 Business Analysis and Decision Making
11 S-402 Financial and Corporate Reporting
12 S-403 Taxation Law
# Course Code Course Name
13 P-501 Corporate Law and Governance
14 P-502 Advanced Performance Management
15 P-503 Advanced Management Accounting
# Course Code Course Name
16 SP-601 Advanced Taxation
17 SP-602 Advanced Auditing and Assurance
18 SP-603 Advanced Financial Management
# Course Code Course Name
19 SP-611 Forensic Accounting
20 SP-612 Fraud Investigation and Audit
21 SP-613 Anti Money Laundering Measures and Business Ethics
# Course Code Course Name
22 SP-621 Capital Market and Financial Planning
23 SP-622 Advanced Risk Management
24 SP-623 Retail and Consumer Banking Operations
# Course Code Course Name
25 SP-631 Human Resource Accounting and Auditing
26 SP-632 Human Resource Management
27 SP-633 Human Resource Planning and Development
# Course Code Course Name
28 SP-641 Risk Management in Islamic Management
29 SP-642 Islamic Financial Instrument
30 SP-643 Regulation and Governance of Islamic